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Our work is all about developing the tourism potential and visitor experience of a unique part of our historical and contemporary sacred heritage, captured for the future, living in the present and distinctive to the location of every community across the land.

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There are many things, large and small; simple or more complicated, which churches can do to attract more visitors, to give them a warm welcome, an enjoyable experience and to encourage them to return.

All churches are unique, with different and distinctive features and settings. What is appropriate and realistic in one church may not be the case in another. However, there are a few simple steps which can be undertaken by every church.


Latest news

Discover the latest news, ideas and resources for opening your church for visitors, interpreting your heritage, getting funding or organising events.

CVTA November 2019 Newsletter

This Newsletter has four sections:  a summary of the recent October Walkabout, Symposium and AGM in Manchester;   a word about consultancies;  the initial stages of the rolling out of an Enquiry project across all the Anglican Dioceses of this country;  a note from the presentation of the Rector of St. Thomas-a-Becket, Salisbury at the September […]

‘Why we…?’ Six leaflets that explain the different elements of Anglican worship

These leaflets were written* to explain to visitors (and regulars) what is going on in worship and why people do certain things like cross themselves and genuflect. Within the Anglican church there are many different traditions which can lead to misunderstandings. They cover six topics: Making the sign of the cross sign of the cross Genuflecting and […]


Welcoming visitors to our churches: what works and what gets in the way?

When: Saturday 20th, July, 2019
Where: St Michael and All Angels church, Thornhill WF12 0JZ.
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