FRH Biennial conference, Vicenza 9th -11th November 2016

FRH Biennial conference, Vicenza 9th -11th November 2016

The theme of the fifth Future for Religious Heritage’s international conference is Tourists, Travellers and Pilgrims: Encountering Religious Heritage in Today’s Europe

While increasing numbers of church buildings across Europe are being closed, deconsecrated and/or demolished, at the same time there is a growth of interest in religious and/or cultural pilgrimage and tourism along Europe’s pilgrim routes old and new.

The FRH Biennial Conference, in Vicenza, Italy, from 9th to 11th November 2016, will put this seeming paradox under the spotlight, and it will bring together experts and researchers from across the world to discuss, debate and define the future of religious heritage.

The conference will examine pilgrimage in both its traditional and modern sense. It will be an outstanding chance to explore the historic and modern meaning of pilgrimage and consider the role it plays for people and communities, in tourism and the landscape of religious heritage in Europe.

The three days will be dedicated to a keynote address, workshops, a plenary session and visits to the area.


The Future for Religious Heritage, is a non-faith organisation open to all and brings together those working to protect religious heritage across Europe.