Ministry of Welcome Tool-kit

Ministry of Welcome Tool-kit

Offering a Ministry of Welcome in your church

This very easy-to-use Tool-kit of resources and best practice for churches was produced for the Diocese of Carlisle by Jenny Bate in 2006.  It is still one of the most up-to-date Рand most popular Рsources of this kind currently available.

Jenny describes the purpose of the Tool-kit thus:

This is not intended to be the definitive answer to how you develop such a Ministry of Welcome but it does collect together the experience I gained during the four years I was in post. The contents are laid out in four sections, which develop a process from before a visit takes place, to arrival, then considering the actual visit, before looking at what to do at the end of a visit and afterwards. Appendices give practical help and point in the direction of useful resources. I will be delighted if the contents spark you into coming up with other ideas, which I have not even considered.

You can download the toolkit here Carlisle Diocese tourism_toolkit