About us

(Heritage Inspired) Green Men & Garlands (MSB)The Churches Visitor & Tourism Association is the UK's leading body for promoting best practice in welcoming visitors to places of worship.

Our work is all about developing the tourism potential and visitor experience of a unique part of our historical and contemporary sacred heritage, captured for the future, living in the present, and distinctive to the location of every community across the land.

The objectives of CVTA are:

  • To promote among churches and others the need to welcome visitors and tourists
  • To educate churches and others about the benefits to individuals and communities which can arise from such a welcome

CVTA is a charitable body of churches, individuals, corporate and statutory bodies who are dedicated to enhancing the experience of those who visit churches by:

  • Encouraging the sharing of good practice
  • Providing appropriate resources to assist members in their
  • Assisting the development of partnerships at national, regional and local level

All members have a legal say in the way the Association develops and its priorities for the future. The more members we have the greater the weight the Association will have to encourage government and local authorities to understand the significance of our work.

The Churches Visitor & Tourism Association is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England number 4536442, and registered charity number 1101254.

We hope you will join us, and we look forward to welcoming you to future events, including our national and regionalĀ conventions.