Christian Heritage Conference 11th March 2016 in Retford

Christian Heritage Conference 11th March 2016 in Retford

Christian Heritage Conference 2016 will be held in Retford, North Nottinghamshire on 11th March 2016

The event will be held at The Well, Retford Baptist Church conference centre.

The aim is to bring together those interested in finding ways of engaging first generation Christians and others in their heritage, and looking at the ways our heritage can be used as a means of explaining the Gospel to non-Christians. The event is organised by individuals who are involved with the Pilgrims & Prophets team and Bassetlaw Christian Heritage.

Retford is at the centre of an area of great Christian significance. Cranmer was born 20 miles to the south and many British nonconformist traditions originated in the area – including Congregationalist, Baptist, Methodist, Quaker and Salvation Army. The area is best known for its links with the ‘Mayflower’ Pilgrims.

There are a number of interested groups scattered across the UK,  and it is hoped it will be useful to bring them together to:

  • Learn about what the various groups are doing
  • Find out what works for some, and what we find to be less successful
  • Focus on specific issues of common interest to improve out work in the future


The following groups are attending

  • William Booth Birthplace Museum, Nottingham
  • Cowper-Newton Museum, Olney
  • Epworth Old Rectory (Wesley birthplace)
  • Christian Heritage, Edinburgh
  • Christian Heritage, Cambridge
  • Christian Heritage, London
  • Great British Trips (Christian-run family tour organiser)
  • Scottish Reformation Tours
  • Bunyan Meeting House, Bedford
  • Churches Conservation Trust
  • England’s Christian Heritage (website operator)
  • The Churches Visitor and Tourism Association

For more information please contact: Adrian Gray: Historical adviser and director, Pilgrims & Prophets