VisitEngland’s Annual Attractions Survey 2015

VisitEngland’s Annual Attractions Survey 2015

England’s gardens, farms and leisure and theme parks experienced the most significant growth in visitor numbers in VisitEngland’s Annual Attractions Survey published this week.

Out of the 1,500 English attractions in the survey, outdoor attractions performed particularly well in 2015. Gardens, farms and leisure/theme parks reported the biggest increase in visitors, each up 7%, with wildlife attractions and country parks also seeing visitor numbers grow by 4%. Visits to England’s attractions rose by 2% in 2015 overall with revenue up 5%.

Visits to rural and coastal attractions grew by 5% and 4% respectively, echoing VisitEngland research that shows an increase in domestic holidays to the seaside (up 7%) and countryside (up 12%) in 2015.

Overall, places of worship seemed to have experienced a decrease in visitors from previous years. However, we are still holding our own in the large attractions field.

The Tower of London remained the most visited ‘paid for’ attraction with 2.8 million visits followed by Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral in 2nd and 4th place with c.1.6 million visitors each. Catherbury Cathedral in 16th Place with just under 1 million visitors.