ChurchDays – a new resource for visiting churches

ChurchDays – a new resource for visiting churches

ChurchDays is a new resource launched by the Church of England on 30th April to encourage more people to visit churches. And they need your help to populate the records.

The aim is to offer a friendly new starting point for people who are new to visiting churches. It provides clear and useful information on what to expect during a visit and on how to understand church history and architecture. There is also has a map showing every Church of England church so it is easy to plan a day out including one or more visit/s to a church.

The core data for ChurchDays is being drawn from the Church Heritage Record (CHR)  and as the CHR is updated so the entries in ChurchDays will become richer.

However,  they are also looking for your help in collating data. Please contact Dr Gabriel Byng, Churches Officer, Cathedral and Church Buildings Division (CofE) to learn about how to populate your entry.

The aim is to keep the focus of ChurchDays on visitors and encouraging new ones, and the site will compliment Churchcare for people caring for church buildings.

And a quick win for you and ChurchDays, if you have a site aimed church visitors, ChurchDays would be grateful if you could provide a link from that to ChurchDays.