Building on History: researching your church’s history

Building on History: researching your church’s history

 Building on History: The Church in London

This project developed in partnership by the Diocese of Coventry’s Divine Inspiration project with the Open University, King’s College London and the Diocese of London provides guidance on how to research parish records, write your own church parish history and create your own guidebook.

The aim of the project was to show the ways in which historical awareness can be of practical value for the contemporary church, contributing to its self-understanding, current activities and future strategy.

The website contains the following resources:

  • Information on how to conduct a History Audit of a congregation.
  • Ideas on how to use history to inform contemporary mission and ministry
  • A guide on how to write a church and parish history
  • Material on developing a Statement of Significance for a church.
  • Education material for primary school teachers exploring the historical links between school and church.
  • Historical case studies for church leaders.