Buildings for Mission – a new resource

Buildings for Mission – a new resource

A very practical new handbook, Buildings for Mission, which aims to be a complete guide to the care, conservation and development of churches.

This new book which offers itself as a complete guide to the care, conservation and development of churches is a must have for any congregation who is starting to have a major think about their building either because they are facing major repairs or who is thinking about how they can open up their building and share its use with their community.

It also has some very useful chapters on opening up our church buildings, assessibility and intrepretation. It also poses some awkward questions eg: are we really welcoming to all sections of our communities? What are we really providing to those who may have taken a huge step in crossing our ‘threshold’?

The authors, Nigel Walter and Andrew Mottram between them have experience of being a parish priest, a developer and manager of church projects, a practicing church architect, a church project consultant and Historic England Historic Churches Support Officer.  It is clear that the advice given in the book comes from personal and real life experience, as well as from talking to others who have also ‘been there’. Behind it all is a strong passion that the full potential of our wonderful church buildings is realised. They believe that our buildings have a future and they want us to believe it too. This books provides a way to help make this happen.

Published by  Canterbury Press.