Hexham Abbey – the Big Story

Hexham Abbey – the Big Story

If you are visiting the North East and want to see an exemplar of how to present your place of worship then do visit Hexham Abbey. Opened in the autumn of 2014,  it presents  1,300 years of its history as a priory and parish church using many different types of media aimed at all audiences.

There is plenty of material aimed at children and they are very well organised for school visits.

Our exciting new exhibition – The Big Story – will help you to discover more about the astonishing history of this remarkable Abbey. Fascinating facts and things to do for all ages make the exhibition a must-see part of your visit to Hexham Abbey.

Who are the people of the Abbey and what challenges have they overcome to keep the flame of faith alive in this place for over 1,300 years?

See if you have the skill to join Wilfrid’s monks in the scriptorium. What would you look like dressed as one of Hexham’s Augustinian Canons? Are you brave enough to experience the smelliest job in the world? And, what did the naughty choir boys post through the floorboards?

Our state-of-the art touch screens show you what the Abbey would have looked like 1,300 years ago and how it has changed over the years.

Come and have a go at building a Gothic arch. Can you find out how to lift a stone the weight of a small car? Make sure St Wilfrid has not lost his head. And set the bells and lights of Hexham Abbey going on our historic model.