Resources for your church card stall and shop

Resources for your church card stall and shop

Tim Tiley Ltd is a family run Christian print and gift wholesalers based in Bristol (U.K.), which supplies many Christian bookshops, conference centres and cathedral and church shops. They have an extensive range of products from prayer cards, bookmarks, folded cards and posters to jewellery, stationery, bible covers, wallets and more…


Tim says

We could be described as suppliers of printed cards and gifts for church card stalls, which are popular both for fundraising and as a quiet form of mission.

They also have a wide range of gift items suitable for church bookstalls if you want to expand what you want to offer your visitors.

Tim says

My rule of thumb is that gifts with a simple spiritual or Scriptural message, which cost no more than the price of a cup of coffee, usually work well in bridging the culture gap with those who are not Christians already. As these stones carry a Scripture they do not appeal to the light fingered and cannot be sold “down the pub”….but they do appeal to those visitors who find themselves on a Spiritual journey in some way.

The link below will enable you to view both the Tim Tiley Card catalogues and our Tim Tiley Gift catalogues on your smartphone, tablet or computer. This is updated every month and so if you store the link you can use it whenever you need to reorder in the future.

At the end of the card catalogue you will find details of their starter packs, easy to use top up packs of mixed cards and bookmarks, and their new specially. commissioned  Church Welcome notices.

In the Gift catalogue you will see 41199 and 601003 Faithstones pocket scripture stones on page 29, and the suprisingly economical new 4″ cement crosses and 3″ cement angels on pages 25 and 27.

We are told that Tim Tiley products are providing “cultural bridges” helping many of those who have drifted from The Church,…. to begin to re-engage once again.

NB: Tim Tiley Ltd is for churches and shop customers (rather than individuals) who can spend at least £45 plus vat worth at a time.

Tim can be contacted by email: