The Ecclesiological Society launches its new website

The Ecclesiological Society launches its new website

The launch of its new website provides an opportunity to introduce to those who aren’t already aware of it, the Ecclesiological Society. Promoting itself as the Society for those who are interested in and enthusiastic about churches, it also adds that its

members’ interests range over all periods and places, from the earliest churches in Britain through to the most recent developments in ecclesiastical architecture, fittings and liturgy across the world’.

The Society started life in 1879 and was the successor to the Cambridge Camden Society which had a major influence on the development of church architecture during the mid-nineteenth century. Its famous Journal, The Ecclesiologist, was published between 1841 and 1868, and combined scholarly articles with trenchant criticism.

The Ecclesiologist continues the tradition of publishing research and interest articles on all things to do with churches. It publishes a regular journal ‘Ecclesiology Today’, and a magazine style update ‘Churchcrawler’ which are free to members. In addition there are regular online newsletters and occasionally as the need arises books are published where gaps in knowledge exist, most recently ‘Pews, Benches and Chairs: Church Seating in English Parish Churches from the Fourteenth Century to the Present’. There are regular events and lectures.

As well as interesting articles about church online, you can download many of these publications for free from the new website.