Tourism for All UK

Tourism for All UK

New website for accessible tourism

The national charity Tourism for All UK works towards the goal of making the UK the most accessible destination in Europe. Its new website was launched in March this year

The new website offers visitors information on accessible tourism providers of all kinds. There is also a business section providing information needed to be able to create a welcome for all.

TOURISM FOR ALL’s chairman, Sir William Lawrence, a wheelchair user himself and member of many committees both at Ministerial advisory level and within the Midlands, said:

“Whilst progress has been made, there is still a widespread attitude of seeing disabled people as a problem rather than as customers with money to spend on leisure.  Yet we know at Tourism for All that more and more older people and people with special needs are enjoying trips away from home as their confidence grows.  Our new website will give even greater impetus to that process.“

Tourism for All UK seeks to enlist the engagement of businesses and places of visitor interest across the board in a national effort to deliver accessible services to all visitors both within the UK and from overseas.  This market has been called the ‘last major untapped market for tourism’, and this is increasingly recognised in the world tourism industry.  The new website gives the tools, and links to a network dedicated to taking this agenda forward.