Managing major building projects

The Historic Religious Buildings Association and Purcell are running another training day in managing major building projects in places of worship. The day is open to everyone and is very useful to churches considering major projects, including those relating to welcoming visitors.

Reflections on church tourism

The Churches Visitor & Tourism Association has produced a cd-rom, full of inavluable information, insights and advice on how to promote visits to churches and enhance your visitor welcome. It offers a convenient starting point for accessing up to date resources for clergy, PCCs and individuals. PRICE: £9 including p&p. Click here to contact us if […]

Welcome to the Churches Visitor & Tourism Association

The Churches Visitor & Tourism Association is the UK’s leading body for promoting best practice in welcoming visitors to places of worship. Our work is all about developing the visitor experience of a unique part of our historical and contemporary sacred heritage, captured for the future, living in the present, and distinctive to the location of every […]