Visiting churches

CVTA is the UK’s leading body for promoting best practice in welcoming visitors to places of worship. We work hard to ensure that when you explore the UK's fine churches you receive a warm welcome.

Heritage-Inspired-Tankersley-St-Peter-0011'To make the acquaintance of an English church is to witness the breeze of history make its imprint on stone, brick, wood and plaster. No church is identical with any other. Nowhere else in the world are places of worship so idiosyncratic as in England. Each arose from its particular landscape and culture, reflecting local materials, patronage and politics, even the liturgical views of the vicar. The humblest church is a casket of varieties.'

(Simon Jenkins)

'There are over 40,000 Christian places of worship in the UK, including over 10,000 faith sites of medieval origin, all built for the same reason but with a unique story to tell and a unique experience to offer local people, visitors and tourists alike. Every single one has some aspect of architectural, cultural or social heritage significance.'

(The National Churches Trust)


Churchdays is a jumping off point for visitors to Church of England churches across the country, offering clear, friendly and useful advice, particularly to those with little or no experience of visiting churches.

Angels and Pinnacles – a celebration of Suffolk Churches

The Angels and Pinnacles project was created by the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich and celebrates Suffolk churches with trails, and information on the best churches to visit. There is also a specific section for kids which will help them to get more out of visiting churches.  

Methodist Heritage

Discover background stories and location information for over 100 Methodist heritage sites of historic importance.

Heritage Inspired

Explore hundreds of churches, chapels, mosques, gurudwaras, synagogues and other faith sites across South Yorkshire and beyond with interactive guides and downloadable trails and visitor information.

Southwell & Nottinghamshire Open Churches Project

Information on the 300+ churches and 100+ former church sites in the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham.

Open Church Network

Explore and experience 16 churches situated in the Wrexham County Borough.

Digital Atlas of Britain

Discover over 401,000 beautiful images of churches, covering two thirds of England’s villages and towns. They feature ecclesiastical art and architecture and will eventually include nearly every rural Church of England parish church in the country.