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Places of Worship: security funding scheme

In the light of the current climate, you may be interested in the following news: The Home Office announced yesterday bidding for grants under the Places of Worship: security funding scheme, to provide protective security measures for places of worship in England and Wales. Bids for funding can be made for the next 8 weeks […]

Security, crime and protecting church treasures

Churchcare has produced new guidance on protecting church treasures while ensuring they can still be enjoyed by all. There is now a new church crime alert line in the event of a theft – 020 7898 1860    

Open and Safe – security advice from Ecclesiastical

Ecclesiastical encourage churches to unlock their visitor potential. “We are often asked whether churches should be kept locked at all times. Our answer is no, provided the right precautions have been taken. Indeed, we recommend, where appropriate that churches are kept open because of the positive effect that has on security“. The Ecclesiastical website provides […]