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How can churches better engage with their visitors

In 2006, the Revd Eileen McLean used a sabbatical to look at how churches were engaging with their visitors and how that might be improved. “Visitors to any church will have many different motives for entering through the door.  They will also be a mixture of ages (veering towards the older end of the spectrum) […]

CCT Visitor Survey (2006)

In 2006, the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) undertook a survey of visitors to churches in its care. You can download two presentations which explain the results cct_visitorsurvey 2006 with graphs cctvisitorsurvey2006  

Unlocking the Potential of Church Tourism

This article, written in 2009, by Andrew Duff examines tourism trends and suggests ways to unlock the potential of church tourism. There are synergies to be gained from local authorities and businesses working with churches to enhance the local tourism offer. This article examines the increase in church tourism and provides guidance on how destination managers […]

Mickey’’s 10 Commandments on visitor welcome

The idea that Disneyland might offer any insights of relevance to churches might seem rather inappropriate. But take a look at “Mickey’s 10 Commandments” – written 22 years ago –  and see if you agree that most if not all of these are indeed pretty relevant to churches wishing to develop their visitor welcome. Mickey’s […]

Preparing for Visitors

When was the last time you really looked at your building and how it functions? The following exercise can help people to take a fresh look at themselves and their building. It worked extremely well in the ‘Through the Church Door’ project in Hereford and Worcester, South Shropshire and South Warwickshire in 1994-1996. Take a […]

How to unlock the church door to visitors

We’re open all hours – what’s your excuse? Bob Calver PCC Secretary Is your church open? If not why not? I ask these questions based on the experience of my village church, St. Peter’s Pipe cum Lyde just north of the city of Hereford. For many years it was kept locked except for the hour […]